Monday, May 21, 2007

The more things change --

Since I haven't logged in for so long, Blogger (in their wisdom) didn't know who I was! So I had a lot of trouble trying to get into MY OWN blog!! Why don't they just mind their own business and leave me alone?!

I am in a complaining mood today. I had a lot of computer problems lately. First of all, I couldn't get any internet connection. I didn't know where the problem was, but obviously, it was the fault of my provider. When I called, after a long weekend of NO SERVICE, all I got from the kid at the other end was that it is all working well. Dude, it's not!! I still don't have service!

So after a whole week (seven days), one morning when I was laying in bed, trying to analyze this whole problem, I decided to try once more. I would disconnect all the cables, and then re-attach them one by one, checking that it's all working fine to that point. And after a few of these, I discover that my router was the weak link. So as long as I didn't put it in the system, I can work with no problem. But then I don't have the firewall protection I need.

My hard drives (yes, plural) were all quite full, so I had to clear out some stuff. As I was cleaning them out, getting ready to write some of the data to disk, and re-arranging some of the files, I must have moved something that I shouldn't have. Then I couldn't boot up anymore. Why does this always happen to me!!?? I was able to get in under Safe Mode, sometimes, but sometimes not. It was like a computer game, where you have to hit all the right buttons very fast, to get to the next level! I wasn't very good at that game.

The only thing to do was re-install the OS. However, if I were to do that, I would wipe out everything on my drive, since I had to format it. Not good! (Did I ever tell you about making back-ups of all your important data?) And so the only other thing to do was get a new drive, and install XP on that, and then use the old drive as a storage drive, and recover all my data from it. Good plan!

Not that easy! After a few tries plugging in, re-trying, and going back to the store, and him telling me to do the same things over and over.... I finally took my computer to him, and showed him why it wasn't working. There was a little setting, something about RAID, and I didn't know what it meant, or why it was there. So, after all that tweaking, and 3 hours (plus a few dollars), I had XP installed, and the old drive plugged in and I was able to access all that data, and get back to where I should have been! Whew! Another week wasted!

For the past week, I've been trying to go through all the stuff I had saved (whatever for?), and deciding whether it's worth keeping or not, transferring it over to a more logical location, and burning a few disks. I'll get it all put into it's correct place eventually! And then I will format that offending disk, and have a clean slate to fill up again!

A few weeks ago, I went to a concert featuring Lily Tomlin. I was given a seat on the second balcony at the very last row! Well, at least there wasn't anyone behind me, kicking the seat from behind! And the stage was way down there in the depths of the canyon! I hoped I would be able to see anyone when they walked on stage! I was smart enough to bring my opera glasses with me! I was also lucky enough to sit next to an Olympic medal winner!!

There were the familiar characters that we have loved and known forever: Edith Ann, Ernestine, Trudy, the Bag Lady. There is a whole new generation that never knew them when they first appeared on the scene, and became so identifiable to us. I will never be able to think of c-a-k-e the same way again! When I first saw her perform, with only a change in posture or contortion of that amazing face, a new character would appear. What an amazing talent she has! Even at 67, she still looks fantastic, with a lot of energy, and fun. She has a bit more patience and maybe just a bit of tolerance now, but still very strongly opinionated. She told us she has done a movie, but has no idea why it still hasn't been released. She is working on a TV series for this fall, and a few other things in the works as well. There is no sign of her slowing down at all. She still keeps up a hectic pace of one-woman shows all across the country.

Was it worth it? I would have a very hard time justifying anyone paying that much to see one person performing on stage for 2 hours. Yes, I wanted to see her, and I'm glad I did. This may not happen again. She did almost the very same routine I remember her doing 35 years ago, with a few little comments thrown in. She is a very cool lady -- I think it would be quite interesting to sit down and chat with her. I have a feeling she is not an easy lady to get to know. I will watch for her new shows this season -- if they ever appear.

But I think I would have liked just a little bit of that "service" for which I paid.