Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas 2009

My mother used to tell me that the days just go by faster as you got older. I never believed that, but I think she may be right. Now that I am getting older, I find I just don't quite have enough time to do everything I need to. Is it that the days are shorter, or that I'm doing too much? Am I just moving much slower?!

I don't get into all the hustle of the Christmas season. I don't shop, I don't bake, I don't decorate my place. I am very much a Scrooge! I don't think I can handle all the fuss and bother for one little quick burst of activity. When I get around to it, I'll do it!

I will be going back home (even though I haven't lived there for umpteen years, I still refer to it as "home") during the Christmas week. I hate travelling at the best of times, but now with all the people pushing their way through, in the bad weather, when I am too tired to think makes it much worse. I'd rather just stay in my bed, pull the covers over my head and stay there until it's all over. But I don't get to see the family that often, and Mom is older, so I need to go. I do enjoy the visits (and all the good eats), but don't like the idea of getting there, and then getting back, just in time to get back to work. But that's how it goes.

I knit this last month, or was it earlier? It's called a Colonnade by Stephen West. I liked the design, and decided I wanted to try something simple for mindless knitting. Let me tell you, you can lose your mind on this one! It's way too simple to do, and because of the repetitive design, which is the major feature of this, I found it really hard to enjoy doing this one. I like the finished product, and have already made many design changes as I was working on this one, but need to do something that is more interesting. I do think it is most practical as you cover the part of the neck that is exposed - the front of the throat, and it fits quite well. I used a finer yarn, and for the next one, I'd use a worsted-spun heavier weight yarn for something with more bulk to be warmer.

Any spare time I have when I am sitting watching movies, or waiting for something, I grab my spindle and keep busy. So I have spun up a lot more skeins of wool, and added them to the rest of the rather substantial stash. I have just finished a couple of skeins that are destined for some socks. I spun them tighter than normal, and I only did a 2-ply this time. I'll see how they knit up. I think a 3-ply or more will wear better, but I'll give these a try.

Before I run off for a hectic week, I do want to wish you all a safe and joyful Christmas season. May this Christmas find you surrounded by those you love and those who love you. For 2010, I wish you Health so you may enjoy each day in comfort. I wish you the Love of friends and family and Peace within your heart. I wish you the Beauty of nature that you may enjoy the work of God. I wish you Wisdom to choose priorities for those things that really matter in life. I wish you Generousity so you may share all good things that come to you. I wish you Happiness and Joy and Blessings for the New Year. I wish you the best of everything that you so well deserve.