Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Latest Socks

Now, I haven't been just sitting doing nothing. There are things going on, just not reallly worthy of mentioning here. Of course, unpacking and sorting is slowly going on, but very slowly. There just isn't room to do much. It's like those puzzle games where you have to move one piece to make room for another one to shift over. I have two bikes in the hallway, so there is a bit of manoevering to open a pathway so I can get out the door. It was funny at first -- but that sure wears out quick!

But I have been working on these socks since forever! I started them way back in ancient times, trying to get in with a KAL from Nancy Bush's book Knitting on the Road. I had to borrow the book from our guild library because mine is in a box somewhere over there (vaguely pointing to the room in general). They are working on the Canal du Midi, which is an interesting design, and not hard to do. It took several tries to get the cast on right (I just don't know why I was having so much trouble with that) and to get the patterning set up. Of course, I do recommend that you read and follow the directions; I didn't, and made the ribbing a bit longer than Nancy does. Already I'm changing it! That is alright, since I like a longer leg anyway. Then this pattern drops the ribbing on the back of the leg after 4 inches, and does plain stocking stitch with some decreases towards the ankle. Now, I'm thinking that I don't really like that very much, so maybe will continue the ribbing down to the ankle. But do I still do the decreases? I dunno yet.

So these are progress pics. Of course, the others in the group have long finished the socks and are now working on another pair. Don't those ladies have a life at all?? (I seem to have a shawl somewhere in the same state of unfinish as well.) These will get finished when they are finished, and not sooner. It will be before winter, yes, which is not that far away.

It has turned quite cold lately. We've had some severe lightening and thunder storms last week -- even lost power while I was surfing! That is so very odd for us here. But it was rather exciting to watch Nature's light show. The overnight temps are hovering just above freezing, and we have just had the full moon of August. The trees are now starting to download, and in another month, they will be dropping their leaves. How quickly the summer has gone! But it was a really nice summer, I hear tell. I seem to have missed much of it for some reason.

Life just gets in the way.


JoVE said...

I did a different pattern from that book and the decreases are to account for a wider calf than ankle. You might want to look at your leg and see whether you will need them, especially if you have lengthened the leg.

Nice looking socks, BTW.

Memphis Steve said...

I didn't realize you were so serious about being a fibreholic. I blog about farting and pooping and you blog about socks. That's what makes the blog so great. You can blog about anything you like!

knitcrazed said...

What a nice pattern! I'll have to check out that book.

Norskybear said...

Those really are great socks! I'll have to get the book out and take a look at some of the patterns. Calgary is up to a million people already? Fortunately, my hometown of Brandon has a long way to go...

Melissa said...

I love that book. I made those socks for my niece 3 years ago in a pale green. But, I remember having some problems with the sort of "travelling stitches", as I recall. I did the same thing as you did at the top.
Very Nice.