Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm finished

Well, I have finally finished all that teal/green roving I received from Monika a few months ago. Looking at it now, there doesn't appear to be that much. But I've enjoyed spinning it up, and it all went really well. These are all 3-ply (except for the little pink skein), and yes, they were all spun AND plied on my CD spindle. I do have others (finding a few of them as I open boxes) but they all do different things. I like the portability of this one, and the fact that I can put a full 4 oz of yarn on it!

I'm working on some darker brown and some white that I got from my last trip to the thrift shop. I can't go back until I get all this done, because I know she will have more for me! She is a pusher, that one, but I love her all the same. I want to make something out it for her, and have a plan. I'll show pics when I'm all done with that project.

I've started using my wheel again. The Level II classes have started, so I had to use the wheel for that. And the following week, I took a day off work and went to spin with the ladies. I call this my Mental Health Day, and I so much needed it, and truly enjoyed visiting and working on the wheel again with some alpaca/merino roving. I have a few more days owing to me, and will see if I can escape once more. These little trips are very much needed.


Michael said...

Such eye candy. Gorgeous work me man, gorgeous.

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Dina said...

I've admired your spinning with a spindle. I'm wondering, do you always use a CD spindle or do you use other spindles? Also, what type of Lazy Kate do you use to ply your singles?