Monday, February 19, 2007

New scarf

I just wanted to show you a picture of a scarf I knit using a pattern I received before Christmas from Iris Schreier, author of MODULAR KNITS. She does a lot of multi-directional designs and will have another book out this year, hopefully in July. She is co-founder of Artyarns ( and does wonderful colourways that work perfectly for much of that multi-directional work.

This is not one of her yarns. I liked the design, so thought I would do a sample, a dishcloth, with cotton (as always). I searched through my stash, and found some cotton in a variegated colour and took one ball with me when I went to visit Mom at Christmas. While there, I started it up, and did a few inches, thinking it was about time to cast-off. But Iris didn’t give the ending of the pattern until we posted a pic of our work! I showed it to Mom and she was quite imporessed and said I should continue to make it into a scarf. So I went on. I finished one ball, and then a second when I got back home. It was still pretty short by this time, and I thought I had a third ball, but couldn’t find it! I sent in my pic, explaining my problem, and I got the ending anyway. I didn’t work on it just then, not sure what to do with a very short scarf! One day, looking for something else, I found another ball of that yarn! I KNEW I had another one! But it ran away and hid.

So I continued with the third ball; this time the scarf was of a decent length. I planned to work until the very end of the ball, and have nothing left over! Risky! But I did it… and only had a yard or two left over. Gee, I could have done one more row!

This is in variegated greys, in DK cotton, and is a good scarf length at 140 cm (55 inches). Perhaps it’s not the best material for a scarf, but it may work for cooler days, and for decoration, rather than keeping the cold wind off your neck! I didn't really care for the cast-off row; there were too many added stitches and it flared too much for my tastes, despite the fact that I didn't do as many as suggested. Still, a very fun and easy project.

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