Saturday, April 14, 2007

Weird Stuff

There are so many weird things going on around here lately. I just don’t know where to begin.

Okay, first of all, my poinsettia, which had some red leaves late in the year, before Christmas (see an earlier post), has decided that it’s time to do it again. So now I have ten branches with red leaves on the tips. I don’t know what this means. Is there some sort of strange cosmic shift going on, and this poor plant is getting all confused?

It’s been in this same pot, from the florist, since it arrived at my office about 5 years ago, I should think. One of the senior people in the office used to buy a large potted poinsettia for each floor. They didn’t last long, except for the one that I looked after on my floor. I knew what it liked, and kept it growing nicely and green for several years. Because the office lights are on almost all the time, it never got night, and didn’t know when it was time to change colour. But one year, after I came back from a Christmas break, I turned it around, and found all these red leaves on the side against the wall! That side had the dark, and they changed colour. So cool! I finally took it home when it was in danger of being thrown out (people are like that in the office) and it has bloomed for me during the two years I’ve had it here. And now once again this the spring. It’s really confused. Maybe it needs to be repotted, since they do tend to put out flowers when under stress.

Speaking of stress, I didn’t have internet connection for over a week. OMG! Talk about withdrawal! I knew that I spent a lot of time online, but I sure did find myself out- of-sorts last week. I depended on being connected to the rest of the world – no, I NEEDED to be connected with my friends and family. I tried to tell myself that it was only temporary, and I’ll get through it. I called my ISP, and got a recorded message that some parts of the city were not getting service, and will be rectified soon. Yah, sure. I stayed online until I finally got through to a techie who checked what he could from there, and said it all seems to be working just fine. No, it ain’t!!

Then one morning, as I lay in bed, I thought I should check all the connections. I would take them all apart, and reinstall them all one by one and see what happens. Since I use a router, I thought I would try connecting directly to the computer from the modem and see if the modem really is at fault. It worked! No problem! Alright, so it was my router. It’s fairly new, but I believe the warranty has just expired, and so has the router! Isn’t that a coincidence?!

So now I’m back into the swing of things, trying to go through 637 emails to see if there was anything really important I need to attend to. Nope, none at all. Wonder why someone thinks it was necessary to send them out in the first place? Oh, well. Now I have to try and catch up with all the podcasts and other downloads I get regularly. Oh, when will there be time to get any sleep?!

One thing that was good out all this was that I got a chance to do some real spinning. I’m working on my second bobbin of that lovely grey/brown roving I got. I’m really liking it, and am visualizing something nice for me out of it. It’s not going to happen for some time yet, so don’t wait for it.

There are a few other things I need to get off my chest too, but that will have to wait for the next time.


Ann said...

Welcome "back."

Monique (csbm) said...

Yo, Tall Guy!
Thanx for leaving a comment on my blog regarding my weaving actions.
About your poinsettia: some plants like to confuse us! The get the new leaves red, in spring. My Photinia does the same. It also could be the breeder of the plants pulled the 'flowering' forward to X-mas, so this would be the natural floweringtime for this plant. Most plants don't survive X-mas, so this can be seen as a bonus. So ....enjoy.
Gr. monique.