Wednesday, September 17, 2008

EZ does it

So now continuing on with this EZ project. Once you have an odd-shaped piece, as in the previous post, you make another! Because you had a provisional cast-on (those 5 little stitches), you start there, and knit a mirror-image of your first piece. Be careful to add the stitches on the correct side! And the short-rows need to be started on that side as well.

And you end up with this even odder piece of knitting!!

I will tell you that the one long straight side forms the front opening, when you bring them together. The needles are holding the stitches which will come together, at the back, and then you knit UP to the neck.

It's all very EZ, really! Right?


Alwen said...

Very! I'm watching with fascination.

fiber fanatic said...

The EZ ribwarmer was one of the early things I made with MY OWN HANDSPUN. With increasing heating oil prices ,It will get much use this winter.