Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting ripped off

Every week, we get a flyer in the mailbox from a local drug store. They have specials that start on Saturday through to Friday. So I like to check it out and see if there is anything I need. Most of the time, I there's nothing of interest.

This shopper's drug mart (as they style themselves) has started selling more and more grocery items. That's because in recessionary times, food is always a good seller. People need to eat, so why not make a profit on what people have to buy?

They often will feature their own LifeBrand potato chips in a can for $0.99, which is a little less than their regular price. That is one thing I will buy. So early on Saturday morning, I trot off to the closest store and search for my chips. None to be found. I did find the shelf with the other brands, and a space where the LB should be... but it is empty. On the first day of the sale?

I ask one of the clerks wandering around if there is anymore. "Um... I'll see."

The manager comes over, an obnoxious little twerp that I've seen for many years, and he says they are sold out. They were very busy this morning. And walks away. I look around -- it is 10 am, there are about 5 people in the whole store, and they are sold out, on the first day of the sale? And there was nothing on the shelf the next day, or the rest of the week. Miraculously, the delivery truck arrived during Friday night, because early Saturday morning, the shelf was full -- at the regular price.

This is not the first time this has happened. I've been keeping an eye on them for a very long time. I can guarantee they will be "sold out" at every sale. They used to give rain checks, but that stopped a couple years ago. No wonder.

A friend tells me that she purchased something at WalMart that was on sale, but there was only one box on the shelf. A clerk conveniently went into the back and brought out more (as they should). As she was at the cashier, she noticed one was leaking and said she should get another one. The cashier said there aren't any more. My friend said yes, a whole skid was brought out from the back. The cashier blurted out "But they aren't allowed to sell that yet!"

And so there we are. While they advertise that items are on sale, they really aren't. There is "no stock available".. until after the sale, that is. Odd, isn't it? The name of the game is profit -- any way we can.

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Mel said...

Which is why I hate them all.