Sunday, September 12, 2010

BFL Skeined

As I wrote last time, I have some gorgeous BFL which I have been spinning. Whenever I have some time, I grab the spindle that is always beside me and spin a little of it. I have taken it with me on trips and spin a little when I have the time. And little by little, these little cops of singles are accumulating.

This weekend, I decided it is time to ply some of it and see if I have put the right amount of twist in the singles. After all, I need to know that before continuing! I should have done that right at the start... making my twist swatch, so to speak.

But I needn't have worried -- the singles plied just right. Well, they had to. I mean, no matter if I don't have the right amount of twist, whatever I have is what I am going to get. The 2-ply yarn meets my requirements for the moment, and I quite like the way it looks. I had thought that perhaps I had put too much twist into the yarn, but after plying, I think it will work quite well.

I yet don't know what it wants to be, and so have no idea where it will end up. It is very fine, so it may become some lace. We haven't found the right pattern just yet, but there are a few that are being eyed and have some potential.

I may have to try doing some with less twist and get a softer yarn. While they have their place, I find they don't hold up to handling that well. It all depends on the gauge of the knitting, or the sett of the weave, but for my purposes, I feel it needs to be a firmer yarn. So what I have will serve me well.

Here is a pic of a skein that I have plied.
The colours are more accurate this time. I have about 780 metres (about 850 yards) now, and only about half of it is spun. So I should be able to get something fairly good sized when I knit whatever it will be. In the meantime, I'm really enjoying the spinning of this fibre. And after all, it's the process that matters, right?

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Alwen said...

I don't know why spindle-spun yarn amazes me so much more than commercially spun. Intellectually, I know that's where the whole idea came from, but I'm still impressed!