Saturday, November 13, 2010


What fibres could be any nicer to play wtih than Merino and Silk. And having both together is even double the pleasure!

Here is some that I had for quite a long time... just waiting for the right time, you know... and I have now spun it up. I did it all on the spindle, of course, as my spinning tool of choice. I really love my spindle!

Here is a pic of the roving, the spindle and the cops I've done. I still have to ply, and that will be done soon.

But in the meantime, I got distracted by some regular wool in rich brown and some navy blue. I do have some black that needs to be twisted a bit too, but with there not being much daylight these days (only 9 hours today), I think it will wait a bit longer. I will process these skeins that have been plied, maybe complete this grey, and then I'll post more pics.

I've been looking at all kinds of patterns for the next kntting project. Some lace, some scarves, some vests, some hats. We'lll see if anything ever gets completed! I seem to be distracted so easily... by more fibre!

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FiberQat said...

What is the percentage of wool to silk? I'm currently spinning up a 50/50 blend and finding I'm not liking it as much as those with more wool than silk.

If you'd like to use a shawl pattern for making a nice square tablecloth, Haruni makes up a nice pattern. The pattern itself is for the shawl but double it and add a few repeats of the two charts and it would be easy to make into a nice tablecloth. Haruni can be found on Ravelry.