Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Great Lull

We have had the strangest weather this winter. It started too early, very cold, and more snow than we normally get. We were in the deep freeze for many weeks, in the -30 most of the time, and it was not fun! Just getting dressed before going out was a struggle, for even a few minutes was enough to really freeze your ... skin. Of course, wearing a scarf over your face is only good as far as it goes, but you need to see! Wearing glasses didn't help-- as soon as you took your first breath, they fogged up, and you were blind anyway!

Here is a pic of the cold. You can actually SEE how cold it was!!
Then this week, it suddenly changed. Quite drastically, in fact. Well, living here in the foothills of the Rockies, we should be used to the Chinooks (I've written about them before). They come every winter, some years have more than others. It is a welcome relief from the bitter cold we can get here too. There is a wall of warm air that comes in. We can see the effect in the sky -- there is a definite clear line where the clouds end. What a welcome sight!! And if you happen to out on the road (in a vehicle), you can actually notice a big change as you drive through this wall. Very amazing phenomena.

This week we were up into +13, and +4 overnight. Since last Saturday, I've had my windows open in the apartment -- it was just too uncomfortably hot. And they have been open ever since! Even at night, it doesn't cool down enough to need more than a light sheet as covers in bed. And this is only January! I'm afraid to think what will happen in spring, when it really warms up.

The mountains were magnificent this week. Some days, I can't even see them. And other days, they stand out sharp and clear, and brilliantly bright in the sunshine with all that white snow on them. Here is a pic:
Of course, that was Thursday. Then yesterday, it all changed. It was cooler in the morning, and by early afternoon, the snow started. It was light at first, there was a light skiff on the cars, but the streets were only wet. However, by 9 pm, up in the hills to the north, there was a nice white covering on everything. I closed my windows; it was a bit cool.

This morning, when I awoke and looked out, we had the white down in the valley as well. It was cold. I was NOT going out! Here is a pic out my window --notice the snow on the windowsill.
I am working on a special project; I may show some pics later. It's interesting, a little boring, and not sure what I would do with it! And I've been watching skins from England. I find it a little disturbing, and yet compelling to watch! Knitting while it is on is a little harder to do. Even spinning has to stop so that I don't miss something important! LOL

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