Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First skein

I had to laugh when WillyG commented that I chose the purple to spin first! How could he tell? But that is what I did. There was only one roll of it, and it was on top, so that is what I grabbed first.

Here is a pic of the first skein:
It's really quite nice to work with. It is wool, not very fine, but acceptable. I put in quite a lot of twist, and did a 2-ply with it. I like them that way! It would work quite well for a pair of socks, I think, since it is fine enough, and it is strong enough. I'm not sure what I will do with it.

There are two more skeins possible with this colour. I will decide later what they will become. I spin first, then let them sit for a while, and then they have time to think about what they want to become.
The colour is quite nice, a little deeper than these pics, I think. I am anxious to finish this one, and then start with the pale blue... or the green, or... well, one of them!

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