Saturday, September 17, 2005

Cable socks

Sometime earlier this year, I heard of a liquidation outlet that had tons of yarn really cheap. I had to run out to the store on my day off (it had to rain, of course) and found that it was pretty well picked over by the time I got there. However, there were still some good finds, and I picked up a couple. Later, I had to dump my armload into a shopping cart.. and so it went.

I searched for any wool or cotton yarns, and found quite a lot. I tried to get all available, and of the same dyelot, although that was not a critical criteria. I ended up with two huge bags and some smaller sundry items. Luckily I had enough cash on me!

So when I was leaving on a long bus ride on a vacation to see my mother, I grabbed two balls for socks. Usually two 50 gm balls is enough for a pair. I began the socks on about Tuesday, and by Sunday, I had finished one. Before I reached the ball of the foot, I ran out of yarn. I KNEW it was going to happen! I sometimes use a contrast heel and toe, but didn't on this one. I was going to have to be really creative if I couldn't find anything else close!

When I got home, I searched through the bags for another ball. Most of the time, I was only able to find two, so I wasn't hopeful. Eventually, I dumped everything on the floor, and searched through it again... and found one more! What a lucky strike! So I was able to finish the pair with the same yarn.

It's just a simple cable on either side, front and back. There was a bit of a problem with them on the first one, and so had to do the very same thing on the other, and they look like a matched pair. Why do both of them HAVE to be the same, anyway??

I wore them to work last week, and had to pull up my pant legs a lot to show off! It's really too bad that no one gets to see my socks -- I think I may start wearing breeches!

I am now working on another pair, this time in dark blue/navy. I am finding it is hard to see the stitches during the evening, so only can work on them during daylight. They are in a complicated-looking basket weave pattern, but is rather simple to do, once you understand the logic. They will be here soon enough!

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