Monday, September 05, 2005

Long weekends

There hasn’t been much posted here for a long time. It’s like this: I knew I had a blog set up, but couldn’t remember what name I used when I signed up for it. Yup, my own name I forgot! But there are so many sites I have to create a name in order to use, with passwords and all kinds of stuff, that this one just got lost. I have a long list -- a very long list -- of all the sites I have to sign in to, with names, and passwords. But the Blogger site was not listed!

Eventually, I was able to get them to email me with the name I used and my password. Well, what do you know!? I DO have it listed on the list, but not as a blog, so that is why I missed it! But I got it now.

This was a long weekend. I was off work for four days. Yup, that is a long weekend, but actually is about right. I think one more day would be perfect, since I have too much to do, and nothing got done this weekend at all. I haven’t set foot outside my apartment for two whole days. It was nice out, and I wanted to go to the Farmer’s Market, and needed some groceries ---- but you know, it was just too much trouble to get up and out that door. Maybe another day.

I did some spinning this weekend. I have lots of fibre laying around here, waiting to be made into something. So I tried to help them out a bit. Not sure what they will become, but as long as I make an attempt at showing that I haven’t forgotten them, they are happy. I did knit up a sock out of some of my handspun. Just a little baby sock really. It is only about 3 inches tall, and didn’t take me long to do it at all. It might go to someone, unless I decide to make another one for her. I need a few more details on it, I think. Yes, I think there will be another one knit up very soon! (That’s a quarter in the pic, for sizing purposes.)

I got to using newsgroups. Well, I have used it before, long ago, and had forgotten how to do it. Or where. But after some work, it was really simple – once you know the right magic words to use! Cool! I located an Old Time Radio group, and was able to download some shows that I hadn’t heard of before. I will have to keep checking in frequently, since people post different things all the time, and they don’t stay up there for long, apparently. So while I was listening to some of the shows, I knit that little sock. Can’t waste time, now can I?

But tomorrow, it is back to the grind! Oh, I hate mornings like that… I will survive, I suppose, but it’s going to be a rough day. Supervisor has been away for two weeks and it has been a great time. I knew it wasn’t going to last! Oh, I have to be more positive –

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