Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mysterious Ring

That mysterious red thing is now finished, and it was interesting to do. You can see it completed here (I learned that red is hard to photograph):

This is called a Moebius -- it has no outside or inside surface. If you follow it around, you will see that the outside becomes the inside, and then the outside again! It is never ending. While it is not that difficult to knit, it was miserable to get started! Remember when you did your first circular knitting, and you made that little slip of not insuring that your cast-on wasn't twisted? And what happens if it IS twisted?

Well, this has an intentional twist in your circular knitting, but only one twist (half a turn) which results in that twist at the front. If it is wide enough to just fit your shoulders, it can serve as a perfect shoulder wrap. A long one can be worn as a scarf, and hangs rather neatly. And if you make one half turn along the length, you can double that ring into a cowl, or even pull it over your head as a hood! Very versatile!

However, I did say it was maddening that I couldn't get that first row knit up. I have been thinking of doing one of these for a long time (after seeing several things made by Cat Bordhi. I never actually tried doing anything, but kept thinking about how this would work. Eventually, I just had to sit down and DO IT! I cast on with some thick junk yarn, and then worked the second round, and all was well! Hey-- this is easy!

And then I cast-on with the red, to make a proper sized moebius. I determined the number of stitches to cast-0n... and it was all wrong. Rip out. Try once more. Rip out. This one is really HUGE! Okay, re-calculate, this time only half the number of stitches... rip out! This is so frustrating! I didn't have a bit of trouble with that stupid little sample I made! I'm not giving up!

So it finally decides to allow me to knit those first and second rounds; these are the critical ones. After that, I'm well on my way! It was a snap -- and boring; I was doing knit and purl ridges. So I introduced some YOs just for some interest, and finally tried a sideways lace edging. I found I made one little mistake, and will do it differently for the next one.

Next one? Oh, yes! I will do this again, this time knowing a bit more, will be able to create more of a pattern right where I want it, and the way I want it. I also will make it a little wider, to wear as a full hood, or even a shoulder wrap.

Of course, you know that this is not for me!! That is NOT my colour at all!


Scott E D said...

Hey I used to sell fabric

Nowhere Nick said...

Moebius knitting is so fun...and addicting. I have made two felted moebius baskets from Cat Bordhi's "Magical Knitting" book. I made one in one setting. The other took a bit longer.

I appreciate the post you left me on my blog. It's good to have support when changing directions in one's life. I left you a comment over in my neck of the woods.

Happy Knitting,

Jerry said...

Is there a pattern for that somewhere on line? I like that! I like the colour too, very vibrant and energetic!

Jay said...

It's beautiful. What a colour! I have seen these moebeus scarves before and thought they looked a lot of fun to knit...

Kim said...

Hey Tallguy :-)
Thanks for the comments on my snowflake and arrows vest...
Nice moebius. I am almost finished with my second one. My first one was a little too grew once off the needles. I am hoping this on will be a nice shoulder wrap size. I am using Manos is a pretty teal and aqua colorway...thinking spring!