Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Final yarns

I didn't have my camera for a few days (silly story) and didn't get any pics of my skeins of yarn! But that is all corrected now, and here is one. It's almost the correct colour... it seems to change in different light! It is a soft grey/blue shade, very neutral, but very nice!

This is a rather big pic, so you can see each and every fibre! LOL --- I love close-ups of yarns!

There are no plans for this yarn yet. I am thinking it needs to go to someone that needs good yarn to work with instead of the acrylic she now has. There are only 3 skeins, 8 oz total, and I don't know what she will be able to make with it. Perhaps a scarf, or mittens, or it can be added to some other yarns, and make something larger. I think I will go search through my stash; I think I might -- just might -- have something that co-ordinates with this quite well!


Jason said...

That's fantastic looking yarn! This is from the "cheese"? I don't know anything about spinning. I may go to a free demo that's coming up in April. Looks a bit complicated.

By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog!

Celtic Knitter said...

you're like me . . . you'll buy 3 skiens of something and then wonder what to make with it . . . and look for other yarns to match! :)

knitcrazed said...

the yarn looks gorgeous. i hope to learn spinning some day.

Jay said...

Beatiful yarn, and a great picture. I love close-ups of yarn too... it's like you're right there!