Friday, October 27, 2006

New Math

It was rather chilly today, and a cold south wind. Not sure where it's coming from, but it brings with it some snow this week for sure. Nonetheless, I ran around today, doing some errands.

First, I ran over to the office today at noon, while everyone was out, to see the Halloween decorations. There was a small intra-office competition for the best decorated unit. I don't like playing along, so the girls in my unit have threatened to do my desk when I was gone on Friday, and they've been planning something all week! And they were pretty funny! Maybe I'll show a pic later on.

I was looking for some financial software. Since I changed computers, I couldn't transfer the programs from one to the other (thankyou Uncle Bill!). So I have to go out and buy another one for THIS computer! It sucks! I couldn't find any in the first few stores I went to, but did find some at the last one. Of course, the one I wanted was labelled on the shelf, but no packages. "sold out"? I doubt it. They did have another one that I thought I might buy, if only I could find the price! A helpful salesboy came up, and I asked why they don't display prices for these items. "They just came in yesterday, and we haven't put them up yet." WTF?? He was glad to look it up for me, but by this time, I was worn out and told him not to bother himself. And walked out of the store.

I picked up a flyer, only to find that it was listed there, WITH THE PRICE. I almost went back in and purchased it, but because of principle, I had to leave. I might go back another time, when another saleschild will be around, and get it.

I then thought, since I was so far from home, to stop by a dollar store that used to have things I liked. They didn't have any; but there was another a few more blocks away, so ran over there. It's cold, did I mention that? This store didn't have what I wanted either, but I looked over some of their Halloween stuff, at 50% off. There was a package of spider webs, and I thought it might be nice to add some of it to the stuff I've been spinning. There is no indication on the bags what it's made of, but probably some nylon. So I picked up a bag clearly marked $1.00, and thought the price was better for $.50. The cashier rang up $.80. I paid, perplexed, and finally asked her how she came up with that price. "It's 50% off" she says... and I tell her that 50% of a dollar is 50 cents. "No, 50% of $1.50 is 75 cents" "But this is $1.00". She looked at me blankly.

And with that, I turned and left. I considered going back in and explaining to her, that it clearly is marked $1.00, and that I have changed my mind and will take the item for $1.50. And then decided I didn't want anything at all!! But I just got on my bike and headed for home. I was tired, and cold, and disgusted by the poor level of help we have in the stores right now. I am going to complain to the management (if there is any) and have this girl relieved of her position, and relagated to the stockroom, if at all. And of course, I won't be going back to that store again.

Oh, I think sometimes that a lot of people around this town are a waste of good oxygen!


Mel said...

I've long thought that Alberta was the most American of the provinces, or is poor customer service just a universal thing these days? I know that at least here in the States, the people who most often end up in retail positions like that are the ones who aren't equipped to do anything else and aren't qualified to get any job that would pay better.

We're getting bluster right now, but I'm not sure it's the same weather system, as it's actually warmed up here.

knitterguy said...

Interesting comment from Mel, because I always hear from Fellow Canadians that service in the USA is superior to anything they get here in Canada.

I can, however, think of a variety of people working in retail who are quite competent in their preferred fields, but haven't been able to secure employment in them for a variety of reasons, so turn to retail because at least they're working. (I've worked in retail for example, and I'm relatively competent at just about everything I do if I put my mind to it.)