Saturday, October 14, 2006

There is some progress

Yes, little by little, these things do get done. There hasn't been much to post lately, because I have been busy spinning all that donated White Buffalo that I got. This is not a colour I would have normally picked myself, but I'm having fun doing these. As they are becoming skeins, I'm planning on some project, and maybe for myself. So I'm not sure I would wear it; however, why not? It's not black or grey (my usual), but is still subdued, and I won't do anything outlandish. I have my eye out on some cables, so am still working on that. We shall see. I should learn never to announce what I will be making since, inevitably, there will be changes! haha

Here are some pics of what is waiting for me. Mostly I am spinning right now, and will do some plying when I want a change. These are the cops that I've spun over several months, waiting to be plied. The black is so hard to photograph! They have all been spun on my CD spindle. I use a paper quill, and just slip it off the shaft when full, and then use a lazy kate for plying. It works for me! Each is about 38 gms or 1.3 oz. I have been doing these mostly as a 3-ply, so I end up with a 113 gm or 4 oz skein of about 133 m or 144 yd. I think I got all those conversions correct! Whatever I have, there will be enough for a sweater or a couple! :-)


Kiturgy said...

Are you three plying those w/three copps or using a chain/Navajo ply method?

Mel said...

Some day I think I'm going to have to sit down and spin up some of the cheeses I've got. Since they were clearance, the colors aren't exactly my favoritest, so I'm thinking spin & overdye.

Gail said...

How refreshing. There is something about fiber and the colors and feel of it. And the beautiful things that can be made from it is VERY satisfying. My daughter, who lives in Italy sent me a link to your blog. It's nice to think that other folks are immersed in the world of fiber and enjoying it. I have been a weaver for about 12 years now and am still enthralled. And my winter's to spin up some Alpaca that my mother snagged for me!! Such lovely stuff.