Friday, May 15, 2009

Little things make me happy

There are many things that I would really like to have. Things such as a much larger house, with a separate room just for my yarns, and another just for working with them, and a small space for the library. I would like to have a car -- no, a truck -- so I can take off here or there, on a moment's notice. I would like to have some time to do all of this!

But every day, as I go out the door, there is one thing that really makes me glad I have it. Only one thing that brightens up my day. Which is a great thing seeing as how the rest of it can be pretty uneventful and dismal. It is not much, but makes me smile every time I see it and every time I use it. I'm so glad I bought it for myself.

It's one of those things that we all need, I believe, but that no one thinks of giving as a gift. And if anyone would, I'm sure we would get looks of "wtf is this?? You call this a gift?" Well, some people would be like that, but not me. I like mine! I really appreciate it. And if anyone would have given me one, I'd be thinking of them each and every day. But I bought it myself, so I only think how happy I am that I did.

It sits there by the door, because that's where I need it the most, and it's always nearly the last thing I do before I leave the house. It's small, and unassuming, and so very quiet. It does not require any electricity (a bonus) and doesn't have to be wound up or recharged. It is just there. It is exactly the right size! It's the perfect thing to help me with my shoes, now that I'm finding it harder and harder to bend down so far. I should have had it long ago! I like it!

But wait -- I'll run home and take a pic of it, so you can see:


=Tamar said...

I understand. Mine is brass, or at least brass-plated, and was in a bunch of stuff from an elderly in-law's estate. I'm not tall, and I'm able to reach my heels, but the long-reach shoehorn just makes life that little bit easier.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's a shoehorn! I first thought it to de a riding crop . . .
I was wondering if you were into public S&M upon alighting from your pied d'terre . . .

Well, you DO have somewhat of a reputation.

A shoehorn! I have so many places I could go . . . =^D

Many hugs,
~Mike in Tampa