Monday, April 04, 2011

Bumping Along

On Friday night, there was this strange weather with sort of rain/snow coming down. It had been quite warm, and we were warned about a snow storm for Saturday. And it did come, but at first, it was quite wet and wasn't sure what it wanted to be.

That was alright. I had nothing to do on Saturday, and planned to just stay inside, and looking out at the weather rather than be in it. When I got up Saturday morning, I looked out, saw nothing but white, and turned around and went back to bed. Perfect.

It remained white all day. I mean, there was nothing to see so there is no pic here. I didn't even want to take a photo! I couldn't see any buildings in the next block, there was no ground below me, there was no sun... it was just.. well, white. The whole day was just white. I didn't care.

I was working away comfy and cozy in my high tower. I have a lot of spinning to do, as you can imagine. And I've been spinning up a storm. No pics just yet, because you've seen them all before. Some neat colours, but I don't quite know what I am going to do with it just yet. It will come.

Here is some knitting I'm working on. It's a really nice deep wine colour, but that is so very hard to photograph! I've tried it every way, and this is about the best I can get. I hope it shows up on your monitor. Of course, this is an "in progress" pic of lace, and you know there is nothing much to see of the design yet but I'll let you look anyway.
This is of the front on the left, and the back side on the right -- I love those ridges and bumps it creates. I know too that these will be worked out when it is blocked, but is interesting to see the texture it produces right now. It's a scarf, not for anyone in particular, except I was bored from spinning all the time. Now I'm bored of all this knitting!! It's all the same: YO, K2tog, SSK, repeat. Well, lace is like that, I know. I think I'm about ready for something more challenging... now let's see....

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