Friday, April 15, 2011


For over the past three years now there has been destruction and construction going on in the block next to the building where I work. I've been watching with much interest how it was all taken apart, how that huge hole was dug, and then filled in with different construction.

Rather than build another high tower in that space, they have opted to just have underground parking, and then make a small park in that spot. There was all kinds of talk about what they were going to create there, and something about mountains, and it wasn't to be used by the public -- well, you know how people like to create and embellish stories.

They seem to nearly complete now, or at least there aren't many workmen around anymore. Of course, the weather hasn't decided what it wants to do. Last week, the last of the snow was gone, and then the other day, we got more! It was at least 10 cm (4 inches) of wet snow. All I can say is that it does make everything nice and clean and white. For a day, and then people start walking and driving on it, and make a horrible mess of it all.

In this park, there are some interesting sculptures. From my vantage point, all I can see are a thin dark line against the white snow, so I know there is something. When on the ground, I can see them. Honestly, I think they are more interesting from up above! LOL

Today, at noon, with the sun shining nicely on these sculptures, and silhoutted against the white snow, I could clearly make out what they were!! They looked just so awesome!! Well, okay, so maybe I'm easily impressed. But I thought I would show them to you, and see what you think. I tried to rotate the pic horizontally, to make it easier for you to see them, and it just seems to have set my whole world upside down! Rather than give any of you vertigo, I will leave it just as I see it from high above.
I do think this presents a most unique perspective of these very common sculptures, to say the least.

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