Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It happened!

Yesterday, about noon, I could see this wall of white coming in from the north. I was too busy to pay much attention to it. But suddenly, when I looked out, there was nothing! The building across the street was gone. It was all white. There was nothing!

The wall of white had hit us downtown. All you could see looking out any direction was faint ghost images of buildings that I knew were still out there.

Of course, we knew it was coming -- it is the middle of November after all. It was predicted that we would get some of that "s-word" stuff before Hallowe'en and it almost did. We had a faint sprinkle overnight of Oct 30 which disappeared by evening. And the weather man has been threatening us with that white stuff since the weekend. I knew that eventually he would get it right!

So here it is. Most of the time, it was coming in at us sideways. It blew through very quickly -- a matter of a few minutes -- and then was clear. Well, for a short while. Then another wall ran over us. And of course, accompanied with all this, is a very cold temperature with a good wind. Perfect.

There isn't much we can do about it anyway. Perfect weather to sit inside and knit. Or spin. Or watch movies. And I've been doing all of that. I can knit without paying much attention, and getting better at doing a few stitches just by feel. I can spin on the spindle easily enough and that is my usual fall-back activity while watching some old TV or movies; otherwise I would fall asleep! The socks are coming along, and I hope to get them completed maybe by next week. I only get a few moments a day to work on them, and they are taking far longer than I would have expected. But what else do I have to do??

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