Wednesday, March 07, 2012

What a Difference

Of course, around here we are used to having the weather change almost instantly. I will look out the window and see a bright clear sky. When I walk around to the other side of the building, I can see white-out conditions with a snow storm! And through another window it will have cleared up. It's not that we have different types of windows in this building, but that the weather can change from moment to moment. If I am not quick in getting a photo, it will be gone!

So it snowed off and on for the last two days. Incredibly, there is not much snow accumulated on the ground. The streets are wet, there is a lot of slush but I think another day or so will dry it all up. We are predicted to have temps of +12 by Friday!

This morning, in the morning sun, the mountains looked gorgeous with their new white coats, and they were just brilliant in the west. I didn't get a pic for you right then -- it was a crazy morning around here -- but I did get one now. It's always a good day if I can see the mountains!
I haven't been to the mountains for many years -- it's so close and yet so far. But I do get to enjoy seeing them most mornings. Sometimes they are better viewed from a distance!

I was able to view a cam set up near my brother's house in Saskatchewan. They have had very little snow this winter, and it was almost all gone. But when I looked at the live feed yesterday, I was shocked! I didn't understand where this was coming from -- everything was covered with nice, white, fluffy snow about a foot deep. I haven't seen anything like that for many years.

Apparently they received this storm just overnight, and are now digging their way out. My brother did think about waiting for the +12 temps to clear his drive, but wouldn't have been able to open his door, so he decided he had best clear a path at least. Of course, another brother has just returned from 7 weeks in Mexico, and he deserved this! Serves him right for going somewhere warm and leaving us to suffer through a Canadian winter! I'm sure he must have thought it was a wonderful coming-home present.

Spinning is continuing at my house. I will get some photos up one day soon. I really need to do some plying as well, but the spinning is more fun! I also need to do more knitting, and I have umpteen projects in the cue, but there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day, what with work, eating, and spinning. I just don't understand how some people do it all!

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