Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Last night, I had heated up some oil in my nice cast iron frying pan, and had sliced up some potatoes. Then I dropped them into the pan, but it was too hot, and they splattered. I got caught with my hand a little too close, and one finger got burned with hot oil. Yes, it hurt!!

I ran some cold water to cool it off (and not hurt so much) and then I sprayed it with salt water. For some reason, I find that the salt water seems to allow my skin to heal faster. I repeated it several times during the next couple hours, until it stopped hurting, and then went to bed.

By morning, this is what I had!

I'm trying to be really careful that I don't accidentally knock my finger against something, and break it. I will let it stay this way for as long as I can, and then maybe drain it, and cover it. I may sprinkle some cayenne pepper on it before I wrap it up. That seems to really speed healing of minor skin scrapes and cuts. And no, it doesn't burn when you put in on a cut! I've used that many times, and always am amazed at how fast it heals up with barely any scar at all.

Oh, yes, I've been spinning too. I have some pics and will post them later on. I seem to be spinning faster than I can take photos to post here! But I have to keep busy, you know. Otherwise, --- well, you never know what I might get into!!

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