Saturday, October 15, 2005

Dyeing Day

Today was the beginning of a series of classes for me. And on this day, we did some nature dyeing, which was fun and with interesting results. Sometimes, we didn't get what we had hoped for. And that is part of the thrill of pulling out that skein of yarn, not knowing what will come out.

We had several pots going with beet tops, carrot tops, Bee Balm, marguerita, tumeric, onion skins. There were some plants right outside our door! We used alum as a mordant, and some iron. We aren't going to use any of the more hazardous ones, like copper, tin or chrome.

Most of us got shades of green, or yellow, or orange. We don't have a wide selection of different plants to give us the reds or blues, but enough to get a range anyway. They will look good used together in weaving or knitting. Now, I have to cook up nine more pots of colour with different plants or spices!! This can either be a lot of fun --- or not!

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