Friday, October 14, 2005

It's a Mystery

I have always enjoyed doing lace knitting, but of late, there are other projects that have taken up my time. I heard from one of the ladies in the knitting guild of a group on Yahoo that were working on a Mystery Shawl -- a part of the pattern was given each week, and you blindly followed along with everyone, not knowing the final outcome until it was all done. So I joined.

The great thing about having so many people doing the exact same thing is how different we all approach it. Some have used light yarns, some dark. Some have used fuzzy yarns, some multi-coloured, some lace-weight, and some worsted. It doesn't matter. That is one of the things I love about lace -- that you can do the exact same thing over and over, using different yarns, and it will always look different. We don't have to worry much about gauge, since it needs only to be large enough to cover the shoulders of the wearer. Some of us wanted a warm shawl so are using heavier wool, and others wanted only the experience of working with a lace chart and are using acrylics. No matter.

I was spinning up some luscious Merino/silk for this project, and was behind by two weeks. But the yarn came out too fine (I tried to spin thick!) for this project, so I will use it for something else. I searched through my somewhat ample stash and found this sock yarn that I won't be using for socks, and it would be perfect for a shawl. It is 75% wool from Scheepjes in a strong rose purple. I think it will be fine. (That's a shadow across the shawl)

Well, I have just started on Clue 3 -- it just came out an hour ago! -- and this next section is going to take some time. This thing is now getting larger and there are so many more stitches to do! It ends with four rows in garter stitch -- now I'm curious to know what is being planned for the rest of it. Hmmm ---

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