Friday, October 21, 2005

Three Down ----

You remember that I've been working on a shawl knit-along. There is a new "clue" released every Friday, and we have a week to work on it, before we get more of the pattern. We are not told what shape it is going to be, how large, what the pattern is. It's all a Mystery!

Well, I've completed Clue 3. I now have received Clue 4, and am going to get started on this next section. Here is a pic of it so far:
And yes, it is now off the needles! It is about 35 cm tip to edge now -- that is about 14 inches for you 'Muricans. It's not finished, we can see that; it is just too small. So we knew there was more in store for us. Today, we were told to bind-off that last row we worked on, and to pick up stitches along both sides of the triangle. Ah, ha!! Now we will be knitting downward to the outside edge! Nice plan! This will allow some of us to make it larger, if needed, by repeating a few more rows, or even to introduce another shade of yarn, if we wanted. I like this idea.

There is some confusion in my mind about how to do the bindoff -- it needs to be firm but yet elastic. However, I did find some good ideas of different elastic ones, and choose one that looks good to me. Then -- how do you pick up stitches? Do you knit them up? Or just pick up loops along the edge? And we have to purl the first row, and then start the pattern, on row 2 as the right side row, which is not the usual way patterns are written. Oh, this is testing my openess to new presentations!! I'll work it out some way; probably have to re-write the pattern to suit me! LOL

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