Sunday, November 27, 2005

That's snow!

We've had a bit of snow before. This is the first real snow for this season. While it may not last long, there will be more. But it's already near the end of November, and it has been unseasonably warm (up to +20 one day), it has now cooled considerably, and it has snowed. This was what I saw when I poked my head out the window at 8:30 this morning! Not really a pleasant sight, so I turned around and pulled the covers up tighter, and stayed there -- a little longer!

Well, I had so much planned for today! As always, and nothing got done anyway. So be it. I needed some sleep I think. One more day would be really great, but I have to go in to work tomorrow. Not that they would miss me much if I wasn't there, I don't think, but I will make my appearance, and do all that stupid paper work that no one really cares about, nor does the fate of the world depend upon. But I will do it.

I worked on that shawl again today. Yah! It's moving along nicely now, and is behaving itself. I am nearing the end of Clue 4, and am thinking of doing another repeat. Why in the world would I do something like that when it gave me so much trouble?! Indeed, why?? Maybe it's to show it that I am not afraid of it, maybe to show that I CAN do it. Maybe it's because I need a few more inches to this shawl! It sure does seem small so far. I know it will stretch a lot when blocked, but still --- it is small!

I have a small bag stuffed with raw fleece in my warm apartment waiting to be washed. I can't just dump it all in the tub and be done with it. No, we have 10 sections from the different parts of the sheep, and have to wash eash seperately, and spin a 6 yard length (2-ply) from each section. So we know that different parts of the fleece produce different kinds of yarn! And then we also have to wash and spin a sample of locks four different ways! I know this is a study of spinning, but some of these things are just not fun!! Ah, well ---- Might be time for another nap.

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