Sunday, December 11, 2005


I really need to get another pic of our street now. It suddenly turned very HOT and it has all melted, and the sun is shining! What a difference a week makes! Even a day.. it was below freezing one day, but by 10 pm it had gone up to +3 and by 3 am, it was +5. I stayed up just to be sure.

I don't seem to be sleeping well, and suffering for the lack of it. So this morning, without having anything really pressing (it can all wait), I just stayed in bed. I finally decided that I should get out of bed, since I DO have things to do. It's already mid-afternoon, and so half the day is gone. I did sleep most of the time. I would doze, listen to the radio for brief moments, and more sleep. I do feel a whole lot better now. One more day, and I would be back to nornal. Maybe another nap later this afternoon -- gee, better get back to bed, or there isn't time left for a nap!!

I did have a horrible nightmare though. I can't remember how it started, but I was working on the shawl (in the dream) -- that vexing lace shawl -- and for some reason, I had to rip out some stitches. Now, as some of you may know, I NEVER rip anything out. But for some unknown reason (dreams are like that), I pulled and pulled and pulled... not for a long time it seems. I have already started my third ball (odd-- I didn't find the join), but I noticed that I was ripping an odd section, so I stopped to see what was happening. Oh, no!! I had gone all the way back to the end of Clue 3!! That is about 2 months work! I couldn't believe it! I simply stared at it.... what did I do? What was I thinking? I just felt sick! So what do I do now? I really didn't look forward to starting that horrible section again! It was the part that gave me so much trouble in the first place. I liked it up unitl then -- up to the point that I stopped ripping.

Perhaps I was thinking that I would re-design the shawl, and do it MY way. But there I sat, looking at it in my hands, and wondering what am I to do now. Then I awoke -- that is the only good thing about nightmares -- and realized that I had better get working on that shawl, and past this unhealthy section. I am halfway through the second run of Clue 4 (I liked it that much!! LOL), and it seems there are too many stitches. Well, of course: I added four more repeats of the 22-stitch pattern!

I am coping with it well, or so I thought. It is not as confusing as it was, but still tedious. Well, all lace-knitting is like that, so I will just plod along, doing one row at a time, and get through this. There is still the sideways knit border, and I'm thinking of making a few changes to that one. I don't like the way others have ended up, so I'm working it in my head to make a few modifications -- just so it looks more pleasing TO ME when it is finally done. And it WILL be done!!

For now, I have to start on my fruit bread. Never enough time!!

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