Friday, December 16, 2005

Surprise Package

On Monday, I recieved a small package in the mail. It was from Mary Maxim. Now, I know of the store, and have looked through their catalogue, but have never ordered anything from them. So I had no idea what it could be.

But inside was a ball of Bernat's Disco yarn. Just one. It was a free ball, along with their current catalogue, and a sale flyer. At one time, I had registered for something and forgot about it. Now I recall something about a free offer from Bernat, and this was it. I'm not sure what I will do with 50 gm of this yarn, but it's nice to add to my stash!

One of the reasons I have never ordered from Mary Maxim is that there is nothing of wool in their whole collection! Everything is plastic or acrylic. So looking through the flyer, I see that they have Regia sock yarn, which is only 75% wool, on sale for a good price. These are the self-patterning yarns. I have to look on the website to see the colours; there are only two selections available, and they are not the nicest of choices! But I finally break down and decide to get a couple of balls, enough to make a pair of socks, and they will go to someone.

I also ordered a few other items, and will see what I can do with them when they finally arrive. It's always good to have a few extra things in your collection, right?


Kev said...

*Coy grin* I'm a size 10 1/2 *hint Hint HINT*

Celtic Knitter said...

Hey, I ordered the Disco yarn free on their website ages ago . . . I never got it. It better be comin' I'm waiting to make my disco boa!

Angora Diva said...

I ordered this same thing from Bernat but it never came.. so disappointed now to see what it looks like..well perhaps with the holidays it is yet to come. Thanks for your email sometime ago. I've updated my blog now.