Saturday, December 31, 2005

New year yarns

Remember some time in the past, I mentioned that I received a free ball of yarn in the mail. And then I ordered from their flyer --- oh, they are evil enablers! They know I have enough yarn already -- but they want me to have more!

Yesterday, a package arrived with my yarn! I almost forgot about it, and here it was. The package was opened, but all of my order was there. I guess everyone wanted to see what I got! hehehe

And here it is:

The problem with Mary Maxim is that they don't have much at all made of wool or any natural fibre! It's all that plastic stuff, but I did find some Paton's Up Country (100% wool), and only got 3 balls. I really like the colours, so may have to get more of it. And of course, some Regia sock yarn; a sock is already started for my grand-neice -- couldn't wait! Those were the only colours left. They will be alright for children!

And the other yarn I got was some Molash -- a kind of eyelash made with some mohair. It looks like fun, but I only got those 3 balls, and I will incorporate it into something.

I really liked the fast service from Mary Maxim during this busy holiday season, but do wish they had better selection of yarns. I will keep an eye on them, and will get a few more things, when they have another sale.

Looks like I am going to have a very quiet New Year's Eve -- as always. It's just another day for me -- I will finish those socks, and start another pair. I think these will be too small. Oh, and I need to get my fleece washed and samples spun for the class next week -- yah, sure!

To everyone: The very best of all good things in 2006, and may your days be filled with warm fuzzy [fibre] things!

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Kev said...

LOL yes they are EVIL ENABLERS! Thought of you yesterday when I drove by a store called Dis'n'Dat in East TX. I just almost stopped and took a pic of the sign for ya.