Sunday, January 08, 2006

First 2006 Treasures

Some of you will know that I make frequent checks at the local thrift shop. Just after the first of the year, I had walked by, and had to stop in since I hadn't been there for over a week!

Usually, there are not many fibre-related items there, but one can never know for sure. So I looked in, and found a whole pile of stuff! I have a weakness for double-pointed needles, and circulars (it's an addiction), and they had a fistfull of them! This shop doesn't often get items like this, so I was truly lucky.

I had to take them all! I know -- I have no restaint; but these were a bargain. I had gotten some just in the past month, at $1 for a set of four. These were priced lower, and they also gave me 50% off for all Christmas items. These WERE indeed Christmas items! LOL There were a few crochet hooks, in various sizes, and since I really didn't have all these --- well, you never know when I might need some! I also found this knitting bag, with the fold-out legs. I have a few of them, but this one was well made, and quite a steal. How can I resist?!! I did leave the circs behind, but now wish I took them; I want to make up a set for a really wonderful girl at work who needs some.

Here is a pic of what I got... all for less than $10!!

Now one thing that I found really intriguing is a needle holder from a company in Montreal. See the silver tube there on the left? And it has a 6 inch ruler as well as a series of 10 holes along the side as a needle gauge -- really neat! I've never seen one like this. Can always use another fun needle holder! hahaha

There is nothing really on the needles right now. I have one sock finished and the heel left to do on the other one. For some reason, that is stalled. Maybe today.


Kev said...

I want to go shopping with YOU! Dang what a find.

Ed said...

What a find, I have got a few good finds on ebay before, but the needle case is a find all in it's self. Thanks for stopping by my site.

Spin-n-Knit said...

Hey, how have you been? Nice assortment of goodies. I've always been partial to those kind of knitting bag/yarn holders. Of course, I'd redo the fabric insides andput in a load of pockets. Good deal, though, under $10.
Hope all is well. How are classes going?

Jay said...

Wow! What a find... I'm inspired to go check out my charity store. Haven't been there for ages.
I particularly love the needle holder - handy and stylish! All my needles are currently languishing in a shoe box... got to figure out a nice way to store them/display them.

Ed said...

Did you get lost in a pile of fiber?

Kenny said...

That's a great find!!!