Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Scrub up!

Somewhere I found an interesting item and had to try out the pattern. It's a very simple -- too simple -- knitting project, and is a lot of fun to do!

This is one time I purposely used acrylic! I have a bag of stuff, odds and ends, with out labels. I could tell this one was acrylic of some kind, and that is what I wanted. I wanted something that was soft, but yet strong and won't give out quickly. You see, this is going to be used a lot!

It's a scrubbie. It's something you take with you into the bath (or shower, I suppose) and use it to give yourself a real good scrubbing. It is all in garter stitch to give a lot of edges to do it's job, and to hold soap and water well. It's easy to rinse out, and will dry in no time at all. It won't wear out! All I had was this pink, so it really doesn't go with my bathroom; I don't have many things that are pink in my place! haha

I did the smaller one according to the pattern, but I felt it was too small. I suppose if I had thicker yarn, with larger needles, it may have been fine. I made the mid-sized one with more stitches, and that worked quite well. But I felt I really wanted something larger to fit my hands, and cast on a whole bunch more stitches. But I also felt I needed to make some adjustments to the pattern, because of the large diameter, and that was rather fun to do, and I think it worked quite well. I'm not sure how much larger you can do these without re-writing the pattern to take into account the large diamter. It's all a matter of mathematics here, I fear! However, I think the larger one is not that user-friendly, and the mid-sized scrubbie is about right in a practical sense. I now have to find some light blue in my stash and make a few for myself!


FiberQat said...

So do you have to give up 5 skeins of cashmere to find out what the pattern is or will you post the source?

jen said...

Strange. I never once thought my life was missing acrylic pink scrubbies, but you have me convinced. What a useful user-upper of yarn!

Your Regia socks in the last post gave me deja vu - I made a pair of the same colourway back in March. At first I thought "YIKES!" but they've definitely grown on me!

Michael said...

Ooh, very clever!