Sunday, May 28, 2006

latest completions

Yes, sometimes I actually do finish some things! I just don't get around to posting pics of them.

These are the socks I finished few weeks ago, which I stuffed because I didn't have the right size of blockers for them. These are knit from Regia 4-ply in Jacquard colour. I've knit a smaller pair before, and was trying another method to do the caston for the toes, and then wanted to try a couple of increases --- and somehow they just became socks! I did both at the same time on the same circular needle, and was going to try something different for these after-thought heels, but decided to just do them later, since I hadn't worked out all the details and didn't want to delay them any longer. Next time.

In the meantime, I'm still spinning, and working on some scrubbies. More to come!


Kenny said...

Great job on those socks

James said...

What a great display of colour in those socks. Bright colours on socks help me think that my feet are warmer than they really are during winter. Strange but true.