Sunday, May 07, 2006

Getting ready

This has been a good weekend!

Firstly, I had a good sleep. This is very hard for me to do, because of so many factors. One being that I stay up too late at night (so much to do) and then have to get up way too early to get to work (why do we HAVE to do that??). I have back problems a lot and find I can't lay down for long. I am a light sleeper, and any little noise wakes me up -- in a large city, with high-density houseing, there is never any silence. I slept very well when I was visiting Mom these last few times. But she lives in a small village, where nothing hardly ever happens, so it's quiet all the time. Love it! I got home on Thursday, very tired, and before 9 pm, I just went to bed since there is no sense in trying to stay awake when the eyes just won't have it! I slept until just before 11 Friday morning -- fourteen hours! I felt great! I don't understand it, but my poor old worn out body just needed it, I guess. No complaints!! I probably could have slept a bit longer, but felt there were things I needed to do, and felt compelled to get up.

I really didn't need to. There is nothing --- NOTHING -- in this world that is so very important that it needs to be done right now! Everything will wait. I know that. Still, I try to convince myself there are things I really should do; and I will --- later.

Secondly, I spent quite a bit of time preparing some wool for spinning soon. Remember those cheeses of 6-strand wool I had? Well, I have LOTS of those! So I spent most of the days separating them into individual strands, and winding them into balls. I have about 5 different shades of brown, and I am thinking that I need a nice sweater, in those colours. I only have 227 gm (8 oz) of each shade, but that should be enough. Now, I just need to come up with a colour sequence and it will all be done! There is the knitting too, but that is merely just the follow-up, right?

I also have some white and grey that was knit up, and then ripped out, and wound into balls (from the thrift shop) which I am taking apart and winding into little balls. I have some grey, white, and brown already spun. Those are 3-ply, all spun on the CD spindle; I quite enjoy working with it. The rest will be spun on the spindle too -- it holds more than my wheels do.

I grafted the final toe on the socks. I wanted to block them after washing, but don't have blockers that size. I need to make some, I know -- I was going to cut them from cardboard, but don't have a sharp craft knife handy. So I took a tea-towel, rolled it up into about the right size, and put it into a plastic bag.. and then slipped it into the sock. Well, slipped is not quite the right word; I giggled thinking it was more like putting on a condom on someone not-quite hard enough!! LOL-- not that I would know about that!! But it did seem to work quite well, and they look just fine now.

Now, there is that one shawl that is still mocking me.


Celtic Knitter said...

LOL . . . yes, I understood perfectly when you used the condom imagery . . . not that I would know about that either.

Yes, Toronto is loud too . . . my mom also lives in a smaller town . . . I love the silence there!!

knitterguy said...

Very industrious: good to see that you're getting things done.

Take care!

Jason said...

I have problem getting enough sleep myself. I always feel that sleeping is taking away time to do things. But after a while I just end up being tired for days and days.

We live in the city but it's nice and quiet at night... except... there is a Mockingbird that loves to sing at the top of its lungs at night. The songs are quite beautiful actually, but not at midnight! LOL

The CD spindle is very interesting. Did you make that yourself?

Kenny said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and comments. I hope to feel better soon.