Wednesday, May 17, 2006

White Buffalo anyone?

You have seen that I like a lot of the White Buffalo wheels for spinning. A friend has written to tell me she has 12 wheels of it, mostly in dark olive, one of gold, one of turquise and one pale yellow/cream. She lives in NJ, and shipping to me would cost too much, but if anyone in that part of the world would like to get some of these, write and ask me for her address. I love the colours, but perhaps someone closer to her would like to have them.


Knittingboykit said...

Hiya, Tallguy...i'd be interested. Actually, I've been lusting after the stuff...My folks are in NY north of the city, so it might be possible for a face to face swap, or just the decreased US postage. I'm in Southern Maine (recently flood central)

my addy is my blog name at yahoodotcom

Knittingboykit said...

Juno and I have completed negotiations =) I'm totally psyched! THANKS!!!!!