Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Moebius is done

I got some pics of the finished moebius. I finally settled on a simple 3-stitch garter stitch border, with a YO thrown in for fun! I realize that it looks better on a person, than laying flat on a table. But you should be able to get the idea of how it lies, and see that it is one continuous shape -- with no beginning, no end, no inside, no outside. It is wide enough to just go around my shoulders, as a wrap, and if doubled, makes a nice neck scarf. You can pull it up over you head, with enough of the scarf hanging down to create a dramatic effect, or if doubled over your head, it makes a nice tight-fitting hood. It's really quite versatile!

There is a scarf in one of the issues of MenKnit Magazine "Cha Ching Moebius" by Witt Pratt. I think I will attempt one like that as well. I tried to do some lace patterns in this one, but since this thing is reverible, you need a pattern that looks good on both sides! As well, most of these are done with knit/purl ridges, or some other sort of reversible stitch. I will search for more patterns, but I suspect that keeping it to the simple, tried&true will still be the best way to go. I didn't wash and block this one; I thought it looked alright as it is, but will wash it at some point, which seems to make it settle in better, and make all my stitches more even! hahaha

Of course, I did it in red (not my colour, you understand) but because I had this HUGE ball of a mohair-type of yarn, and I needed some sort of project for it, didn't I?

These are fun to do, but rather tedious --- but all lace can be like that. But that first round --- well, you already heard the story!


Celtic Knitter said...

OH, I guess I'm going to have to take a look at that Men Knit magazine. I downloaded the first one but I haven't gone back.

AmySue73 said...

Love it! I know, red isn't my color either... so, I'm knitting red socks!