Tuesday, July 06, 2010

All gone flat!

The little shawlette has been washed and blocked.

Now the problem is that I really don't have anywhere to block it at my place. Really -- I don't have that much space on the floor or on the bed or anywhere on the wall to pin it out while it dries. But I do have the perfect spot at my office! So I ran over on the weekend (imagine! going to the office when you don't need to!) and I pinned it on the cubicle wall. Because it's lace, it dries very fast. I went back in about 6 hours, took it off the wall, and it's all done! No one even knows about it.

Well, all those lovely waves and nipples are all gone. It's all flat now! Still, it does look quite nice in its own right. That is the amazing thing about lace knitting, isn't it? What you see as you are knitting is nothing like what it becomes when you are finished! Transformation. Or in Greek, methaphor.

Here is a look at my newest knitting:
And here is a detail of the pattern and the edging.
It was rather easy to do. After all, it's plain basic ordinary lace. And the yarn was nice to work with too. I like the spinning I did on it. I'm very pleased all around!

Now, I got a few more ideas for another little neckerchief. I better get working on it.

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