Saturday, July 03, 2010


(so let's see what the searchbots make of this post!)

I have completed my latest project, and am showing you a few tidbits of what I've got so far. It really does look a bit peculiar, and as I spread it out while working on it, I couldn't help thinking that it does remind me of something -- I couldn't quite put my finger on it.
As I cast-off, and it was revealing itself (it was all bunched up on circular needles, so you couldn't really see the full patterning), it became more and more clear what I had created. I just couldn't help giggling to myself! It is the funniest thing. Look:
Well, I'm sure it will look a lot better once it is blocked -- won't it? Tell me it will! Please!!

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Diane in Chico said...

I love the before- and after-blocking pictures of lace. I'm sure it's going to be lovely.