Monday, July 12, 2010

Bare Truth about the Ladies

Last night, I decided to go and see the Bare Naked Ladies. They were finally playing at the Calgary Stampede for the very first time in 22 years of performing.

I have enjoyed some of their music over the years, but wasn't ever really a big fan. But I wanted to go and see their show. Not a good idea.

There were far too many people! So there was security all over the place... not really sure why. They were just keeping people away for some reason. You really had to force your way into the venue. Gave the whole thing a very bad taste right from the start.

The sound level was much too high. I think most of the young people must be quite deaf, if they listen to this stuff, and if they need to turn it up that loud. I was very disappointed because everything the band played sounded about the same. It was just noise... irritating, obnoxious, disturbing noise. I think they sound a lot better on their recordings. Perhaps it's all the magic they can do in the editing, I dunno.

They seem like nice guys. They smiled a lot, seemed to really enjoy what they were doing, they looked like they were having fun. They made a few jokes that seemed to go over well, except that thing about cats. That really was a big blunder. I don't think they ever recovered from that one.

After last night's experience, I have to say that I don't like crowds. There are a lot of people whose parents should have used condoms more often! I don't know what purpose these creatures serve. Just using up valuable oxygen is the way I see it. Of course, I would have to be right next to the few that made it bad for everyone else. But I must be tolerant and not say anything about it.

So it was quite a shame that it went so badly last night. The Ladies seemed to sound quite good the few times I've heard their recordings. But it was quite a disappointment to see them live. I don't know if it was them, or their production people at the venue, but I don't think I would pay to see them again. At least, that was my experience. YMMV

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